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Restoring an ALKALINE state in Cancer Patients

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells only thrive in a low-oxygen state. When your body cells and tissue are ACIDIC (below pH of 6.5 - 7.0), they lose their ability to exchange oxygen, and cancer cells are able to thrive.

On the other hand, when your body cells and tissue are ALKALINE (above pH of 7.0) cancer cells find it difficult to survive because of the high amount of oxygen present. Alkaline tissue holds 20 times more oxygen than does acidic tissue and this oxygen rich environment prevents further cancer cell growth. In a pH of 8.0 or greater, cancer cells and cancer-causing pathogenic microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus) cannot survive.

Maintaining proper body cell and tissue pH is critical for staying healthy and creating an inhospitable environment for cancer cells and virus-bacteria-fungus to multiply. Most people are born into this world with a pH near or at (neutral pH). If you can keep your body tissue pH somewhere between 6.5 - 7.0 it is very difficult to get sick. A near neutral pH (bright blue range) is the goal.

Nearly all those with cancer have high acidity. There are two main reasons for a high acidic body environment.

The first and most significant is prolonged stress. This causes a depletion of adrenaline in the body’s cells. It is the job of adrenaline to remove / utilize glucose (sugar) from the body’s cells for energy for the body. Depleted adrenaline results in a build up of glucose (sugar) in the body’s cells, and restricts oxygen to cells, causing a break in the krebs cycle of the cell and cell mutation. Pathogenic (harmful) microbes (virus, bacteria, fungus) inhabit cancer cells and feed on this glucose causing fermentation. The body becomes acidic (low pH) due to the waste by-products of these pathogenic microbes fermentating glucose in cancer cells and also fermentation of stress hormones.

The second is poor nutrition / diet. Every food has a pH value from very acidic to very alkaline. Raw fruits and vegetables are very alkaline, while poor foods, beer, soda, coffee, etc are very acidic. This is why those who eat certain types of foods are more or less at risk of certain types of cancers.

Step 1 of 3: Re-Alkalising The Body Quickly

Excerpt from Diagnosis: Cancer - By Dr Waltraut Fryda
[Dr. med. Waltraut Fryda studied medicine at the universities of Jena, Berlin and Innsbruck. For decades Dr Fryda has successfully administered to cancer patients the [below] therapy resulting from her hypothesis on the origins of cancer, restoring full health to many of her patients.

Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid (Pleo-Sanuvis™)
Acid-Alkali Ratio [Re-Alkalising the Body in 5 Weeks] - By Dr Waltraut Fryda, Diagnosis: Cancer
A cancer patient always suffers from over-acidification of the tissues. In order to deprive the tumour of a favourable environment, the tissue-pH value must be changed from acid to alkaline. This is easier said than done because all alkaline-forming nutrition loses its intended effect soon after entering the bloodstream, as it is used up in the blood for buffering, before it can reach the tissue. The organism (body) always endeavours via appropriate regulating mechanisms to maintain the blood-pH value at around 7.4, which is absolutely essential for the stability of hormones, in particular adrenaline. A brief recapitulation of the law of reversed proportionality of pH value changes in blood and tissue: if the blood-pH value drops, the tissue-pH value rises (and vice versa). This gives us a kind of lever: it should be possible to indirectly raise an unhealthy acid-tissue-pH value by lowering the slightly alkaline blood-pH value.

Over-acidification of tissue is prevented in a healthy organism (body) by the dextrorotatory lactic acid that is constantly produced by movement and suitable nutrition. This, therefore, indicates that an input of optically dextrorotatory lactic acid is needed. This may seem like a contradiction to the layman, in that tissue is to be de-acidified by administering an acid. The paradox disappears, however, if all interrelations are kept in mind.

Acidification of the blood by means of dextrorotatory lactic acid lowers the blood-pH value until it and the tissue-pH value reach the same level. This takes precisely five weeks in cancer patients who are administered an appropriate dose of dextrorotatory lactic acid (thirty drops, three times daily). This has been confirmed time and again by my own measurements over many years of the blood-pH value.

During the period from the first until approximately the fourth day in week 6, the acid substances will be discharged from the tissue into the blood, the pH value of which drops for a short time to very low values. The excretion of the pathological substances of the tissue via blood, liver, kidneys, and skin during this period is apparent from an entirely pungent and acid smell.

I am as yet unable to explain the reasons for the period of five weeks. However, the same physical and psychological symptoms occur after this (five week period). Feeling generally unwell, the patient is irritable, aggressive, and depressed at the same time. At the height of this “changeover reaction”, usually lasting for three days, the pH value of tissue and blood reach the same level.

The continued supply of dextrorotatory lactic acid finally ensures an unproblematic and physiological restitution and maintenance of a blood-pH value of 7.4 and a tissue –pH value above that figure. This will remove a critical precondition for continued growth of a tumour in a cancer patient, namely the acid environment. Kidneys and liver are now capable of carrying out their full detoxification functions, thereby, laying the foundations for a safe removal of subsequently occurring disintegration products of a malignant tumour.

Finally, dextrorotatory lactic acid also causes the biological neutralization of the toxic, levorotatory lactic acid of the tumour into a non-toxic, racemic form. This is of utmost importance, as it removes the stimulus for an increase in the cell division rate. Normalising the acid-alkali balance also stimulates adrenaline production and improves its effectiveness, an equally important precondition for a healthy (aerobic) metabolism.

The therapy here introduced offers relatively great advantages to patients, because, the “changeover” reaction over three days excepted, they are not subjected to any stress. It is neither painful nor does it cause vomiting, loss of appetite, bleeding of the bladder, or other similar side effects that are well-known from aggressive therapies.

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